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A spot FX trade is a straightforward foreign currency exchange. Using real-time exchange rates, we offer same-day, next-day and spot foreign exchange.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts can be an effective solution to mitigate currency risk. They provide certainty and flexibility with business costs such as global payroll, overseas invoices and intercompany transfers. Our forward contracts secure today’s rates for up to 24 months into the future. A forward contract also:

Fixes the value of future international payments and receipts. Protects profit margins, cash flow, and your bottom line from currency fluctuations.

Market Orders

A market order is an order to buy/sell a specified amount of currency and target a specific rate of exchange not currently achievable. This allows you to get on with your day and take advantage of market moves without having to keep track of the markets all day long.

If there is any overnight volatility or liquidity you might not see in normal trading hours, market orders will allow you to take advantage by booking the trade for you at your desired rate.

Limit orders → Typically an order at a target rate better than where the market is currently trading.

A stop loss order → Typically an order to instruct a trade at a predetermined “worst case scenario” rate, to prevent further losses if the markets start to move against you.

Stress free international
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Free overseas and local
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A secure and easy to use

Payment Processing
for Online Coaches

When you send a coaching client their invoice, it’s natural to expect you’ll get paid what you’ve asked for. But payment processors think otherwise…   PayPal, Stripe, and High Street banks all charge substantial fees on transactions, and sometimes you won’t realise how much they take until it’s gone. Plus these fees often:
Wouldn’t it be great to avoid these pitfalls and keep more of your money? That’s what we thought. And that’s why at Planet FX, our fees beat PayPal, Stripe, and High Street banks.

Get Paid By Your Coaching Clients Without Paying
Hefty Fees To PayPal, Stripe, Or High Street Banks